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[Fixed] 5 Ways To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup 2021

When you have a Steam account on your PC, you can play your favorite computer games directly, but it can be annoying when the Steam application opens every time the computer boots up.

Startup applications consume computer resources like processors and RAM, straining your PC. A large number of applications on your startup list can slow down the boot-up process. If you are not interested, you may still wait a while.

Steam is one of those applications that start automatically when your computer is turned on. It may be fine if you are turning on the gaming mode. But if you want to be productive, then this startup issue can be annoying.


You may be wondering how to prevent Steam from opening at startup. The process of turning it off is fairly simple and only requires a few steps. Windows and Mac, however, have different methods that we will discuss in detail. Let’s get right to it.

How to Stop Steam From Launching at Startup From Steam Application

There are many ways to stop Steam from starting at startup, but this is the simplest. Due to the fact that it works on both Mac and Windows, this method is unique. 

  • Click the “Steam” tab in the Steam application’s top menu. In the drop-down menu, click “Settings.”
  • Look in the left panel of the settings tab for the “Interface” section.
  • In the Steam interface settings, you will find a list of options. You will see a checkbox that says “Run Steam when my computer starts.” Uncheck it and click on the OK to button at the bottom to confirm the selection.

Close the Steam window and restart the computer. By following the instructions, you have stopped Steam from loading at PC startup.

How to stop Steam from opening on startup on Windows 10

Method 1: Disabling Steam from Startup App

  1. First, open Steam and disable the Steam startup on Windows loading from the settings. Nevertheless, if you encounter issues following the above methods, or if it is not working for one reason or another, you can use Windows to stop Steam from loading on startup.
  2. By using the Windows search function, you can find the “Startup applications”. Enter “Startup apps” in the search bar. You can also search by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.

Open the startup apps and search for “steam client bootstrapper”. Since there is no search function in the startup apps, you must scroll down the list manually. Unless you have a long list of installed programs, this shouldn’t be an issue.


You’ll find a toggle switch underneath “Steam client bootstrapper.” If you don’t want Steam to open at startup, toggle the switch off. You can simply close the startup applications once it is off.

Method 2: Disabling Steam Auto-Startup Using Task Manager

If you are finding it difficult to follow the above methods and want another simple way to prevent Steam from starting. Here is another method that will only take a few clicks. Using Task Manager, you can disable Steam’s automatic startup.

  • The simplest way to start the Task Manager is by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard.
  • On the next screen, click the “Start Task Manager” option.
  • You will see a small window with a few tabs.
  • Choose the startup tab from the given tabs. It lists the programs that are installed on your computer.
  • Search this listing for “Steam client bootstrapper.” Once you find it, right-click it.
  • Select disable from the context menu to stop Steam from starting automatically

How to stop Steam from opening on startup on Mac

Mac users can disable the startup by using the first method involving Steam application. However, if that method does not work for you, there is another easy solution.

Method 1: Deleting from Login Items

  • To open the Apple menu on Mac, click the Apple logo at the top left of the screen.
  • Select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Users and Groups” option.
  • Click the lock at the bottom left of the menu. You can now make changes after entering your password. From the top of the menu, select “Login Items”, but make sure to unlock it first so that you can make changes.
  • The startup programs will be opened. You can remove the Steam app from the startup list by selecting it and pressing the “-” symbol.

Method 2: From Stem application in Dock

Another way to disable Steam from opening at startup on Mac is to access it from the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

  • Right-click the Steam app in the Dock.
  • Navigate to the “Options” menu in the context menu.
  • Ensure that “Open at login” is enabled. Toggle the checkbox off to disable it.

Disabling Steam from opening on startup is not working

Steam can still start automatically no matter how you disable it. In that case, you can consider and install a fresh copy.

  • On your keyboard, press Ctrl + R.
  • In the search box, type “control.exe” to open the control panel.
  • Open it and select “Uninstall a program.”
  • Select Steam and uninstall it.
  • Go to the Steam website and download the Steam client to your PC.
  • Install it and disable the auto start from one of the methods above.

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