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How to Play The Hidden Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome?

Once upon a time, the Google chrome dinosaur game was a hidden treasure that we could hunt for. We still imagine how cool it must have been for that person to discover this for the first time. Even now, it is not well known.

Those who just discovered this gem would still be trying to figure out how to play the hidden chrome dinosaur game.  RTX 2070 Super – Read Before you Buy Those who know how to play it would not have known all the ways to activate it.

Even though this game is not as dramatic as Call of Duty? For some fun, Warzone is quite enjoyable. The character is, of course, a dinosaur. When you see a cactus, hit the spacebar to make the dinosaur jump. You lose the game if you hit the cactus. We’ll call it a simpler version of Mario!

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You can play this game at school, at work, and anywhere. This game is based on the Browser, so no one can block it.

Now that you know the rules of the game, let’s look at how to play it.


1. When you are offline

  • You can turn off your internet by turning it off
  • Open the Chrome browser/chrome app
  • If you are using a smartphone, you can click the dinosaur above the ‘no internet’ sign
  • On a laptop, just hit the spacebar
  • Play well!

2. Go offline without even being offline

  • To open development, press F12. Instruments
  • Go to the ‘Network’ tab
  • You will find the ‘online’ option in the second row to the right
  • A dropdown menu will appear when you click on it
  • Press the ‘offline’ button
  • Try visiting any random page now
  • Press the space bar
  • Let’s play!

3. Don’t want to mind switching off the internet?

  • Click on your browser
  • In the address bar, type “chrome://dino”  
  • Hit the enter key
  • Press the spacebar
  • It’s all yours
  • There have been rumblings that this game could get a major update making it more exciting, but as of now, they are not so sure.There is a birthday edition of the game, which you can download from Chrome extensions
  • Click here to visit Chrome
  • Chrome Extensions Search
  • Play the T.Rex dino game
  • You can download it here


It is true that we did not disclose this information at the beginning, but here it is. It is an ADDICTIVE game. This is such a simple game yet how addictive it would be.

That’s the beauty of it, Google made a game so easy to compete, and so impossible to ignore.

We told you the rules and the disclosure, we told you how it would work, we said you could play it between work, and it wouldn’t require any extra devices except that Spacebar in the keyboard.

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