How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming Guides

Cool Laptoop

Gaming laptops suffer from overheating. We’ll show you how to keep your laptop cool while gaming, no matter how long or intense the session may be. Gaming laptops are truly amazing. The tablets are (relatively) light, portable, and pack a desktop’s worth of graphics processing power into a tablet’s compact, easy-to-handle frame. Unfortunately, this very … Read more

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse – Which Is Best For Gaming?


What’s better, a wired or wireless gaming mouse? Having researched this subject to the core, we have found the perfect solution for you. In most cases, a wired mouse is a better choice: they are more responsive and have a much better price-quality ratio. If you need flexibility or simply can’t handle cable clutter, pick a … Read more

What Is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a smaller or larger monitor? Which sizes work best with which resolutions? Learn more here. The most common size for regular desktops is 24 inches, although 27 inches is used for high-resolution monitors. Any screen larger than 27 inches is too large for close viewing at a desk. … Read more

HDMI VS. DisplayPort – Which is better for Gaming

HDML VS Displyport for gaming

Introduction When we think of modern serial interfaces, two names come to mind. The first one is more focused on multimedia and LEDs, and is called HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). The second is a gamer’s choice and recently added the latest technology, commonly known as DP (DisplayPort). Both of these technologies transmit data via … Read more

DDR3 vs. DDR4 vs. DDR5 RAM Which is Best for Gaming Guide

Diffrence Ram

How do DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 RAM differ from each other and which one should you get for your PC build? You can find the answer here. RAM doesn’t always mean the same thing from the get-go. In the end, DDR4, DDR3, and DDR5 are RAM protocols. Every few years, a new generation of RAM … Read more

SSD vs HDD – Which One Is Best For Gaming Guides


What should you buy today – an SSD or HDD? Check out our answer right here if you’re a gamer, because it might surprise you! SSDs are much faster and offer significantly better performance when it comes to gaming, especially in terms of loading times. HDDs have a longer lifespan and are more cost-effective as high-volume … Read more

Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card Guides?


Is it a good idea to buy a used graphics card? Here’s our guide on how to buy a used GPU and what the pros and cons are. There’s no doubt that building a gaming PC isn’t cheap. If you’re trying to assemble a powerful configuration, the costs can be very high. Furthermore, certain market … Read more

HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and DVI: Which One to Choose?


Gaming geeks focus primarily on motherboards, CPUs, SSDs, graphics cards, and cooling components when building gaming PCs. Often, we forget about the other essential parts of connectivity, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA cables. When it comes to ensuring the quality of data transmission, connectivity parts are crucial. Each of these parts has its … Read more

DisplayPort 1.4 Vs. 1.2 – Which is Better?


A lot has happened in the last few years, especially in the field of technology. DisplayPort is one of those connectors that has undergone a complete revamp from its previous versions. DisplayPort is essential equipment for connecting the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. DisplayPort is becoming more prevalent in high-end gaming monitors and home theaters. These … Read more