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Best Vertical Mice to Prevent Wrist Strain and Joint Pain 2022

Best Vertical Mice to Prevent Wrist Strain and Joint Pain 2022

Having a mouse with improved performance and smoother controls might reduce physical tension, but it doesn’t reduce stress. Recent years have seen the arrival of several ergonomic models that are quite good in performance. Their design aims to relieve shoulder, wrist, finger, and even neck pain.

For people suffering from severe wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, an ergonomic mouse isn’t sufficient. So let’s ditch the traditional mouse and go vertical.

The vertical gaming mice are now proving to be the most ergonomic and the most comfortable, so they are worth the money for office workers, professional photo editors, graphics designers, gamers, and programmers.

Why Use a Vertical Mouse?

Because vertical mice conform to the shape of your hand, they are designed with handshake grip in mind. Based on the handshake grip concept, they incorporate relevant ergonomic features. A vertical mouse is the next mouse for gamers and office workers who have already used ergonomic mice but still experiencing physical pain in their hands and wrists.

If you have pain in your fingers, wrists, forearms, and elbows, consider a vertical mouse. While it may take some time to adjust to these models, the health benefits are higher than traditional models.

Best Overall
Jelly Comb MV09F Vertical Mouse
Jelly Comb MV09F Vertical Mouse
  • Inexpensive model
  • Best for small-handed persons
Editor`s Choice
J-Tech Digital Optical Mouse
J-Tech Digital Optical Mouse
  • Removable ergonomic palm rest
  • Availability of Multiple size options
Best Budget
Logitech MX Master Mouse
Logitech MX Master Mouse
  • Well-positioned buttons and scroll wheels
  • Ergonomic design and thumb rest

Top 6 Best Vertical Mice

There aren’t many gaming brands producing ergonomic mice. It’s rather difficult to tell the difference between affordable options that are excellently designed and nothing more than cheap plastic. Our 48-hour research has resulted in the seven best vertical mice that are ergonomic in shape and deliver impressive performance at an affordable price. 

1) Jelly Comb MV09F Vertical Mouse

elly Comb MV09F Vertical Mouse

Another mouse for smaller hands. With its perfect fit and adaptable design, the Jelly Comb Wireless is a perfect addition to your gaming rig. 

The Jelly Comb naturally blends design and functionality, unlike many smaller mice that sacrifice design for durability. It may not have many features, but it has enough to be useful.

Although its design is unconventional, the Jelly Comb reaches the handshake position naturally with a rounded shell at an open angle as opposed to using a vertical extension. Compared to the rest of the features offered by this mouse, the natural position is the most promising. 

For the price point, the company probably added limited features and customization options. Nevertheless, you can customize mouse sensitivity with built-in DPI presets. 

The mouse has a compact design, but it requires bulky AA batteries, making it a bit heavy. This is without a doubt the best mouse for smaller-handed gamers; however, the mice in this category don’t qualify as high-end gaming mice. The Jelly Comb cannot offer gaming performance above the middle level because of this. 

The price and comfort are both features that make it a worthwhile ergonomically designed mouse. Please keep in mind, however, that this is not the best mouse for gaming, and you may face serious limitations due to its limited features.  

  • Inexpensive model
  • Best for small-handed persons
  • Limited sensitivity customization options
  • Wireless play requires batteries

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2) J-Tech Digital Optical Mouse

J-Tech Digital Optical Mouse

Vertical gaming mice aren’t that common. Often, these mice are either geared toward comfort or designed to pass off as gimmicks. Even though the J-Tech Vertical mouse has a lower price point, it is still a good vertical mouse you should own.

Plug-and-play makes it a great advantage for you. Featuring a simple, clear, and ergonomic design that combines traditional gaming flair with a touch of class. Moreover, the mouse features a removable palm rest to relieve wrist pain if your hand is always hanging off the mouse.

The mouse lets you choose between three DPI settings for gaming: 800, 1,200, and 1,600. This mouse has a response rate of 125 Hz and well-positioned thumb buttons, despite not offering the most customization options. Furthermore, there are two sizes of the mouse, one specifically designed for smaller hands.

Despite its limitations, the J-Tech is an affordable, ergonomic gaming mouse that makes a great alternative to the traditional best gaming mice that allow you to customize and remap the entire device. Built well, easy to use, and lasts for years as long as the ergonomic features work for you. 

This mouse has a number of drawbacks, including a cheap scroll wheel and a non-grippy exterior that may cause inconvenience in a comfortable gaming environment.

  • Removable ergonomic palm rest
  • Availability of Multiple size options
  • Scroll wheel isn’t durable
  • No customization options

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3) Logitech MX Master Mouse

Logitech MX Master Mouse

While it is not a vertical mouse, the MX Master is a good option to consider if you want something ergonomic for gaming. Logitech was the first company to introduce a vertical mouse with its MX Vertical. Initially, they focused on making vertical/ergonomic hybrids that could be customized and had better battery life. In many ways, the MX Master is like the older brother of the MX Vertical, with a few more features and less specialization.

Feel-wise, it’s one of the best hybrid mice on the market, much like its predecessor Logitech G Pro X Superlight. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip the device ergonomically without any difficulty. As a result of the polygonal thumb rest, it appears to be a hybrid design with both horizontal and vertical elements.

In terms of button placement, Logitech paid special attention to comfort and performance. The buttons are close enough to the lip that they can be reached easily, but far enough away to prevent accidental misclicks. Smooth and comfortable primary keys provide tactile feedback with every click. This nice design, perfect clicks, and efficient grip will ultimately improve your gaming performance significantly.

There are two speed-oriented scroll wheels on the mouse: one is a primary wheel and the other a thumb wheel. By allowing the gamer to change between free-spinning and accurate click-to-click modes, both wheels nicely respond to pressure applied while scrolling.

A single charge of the mouse can hold battery life for up to 40 days while not in use due to its excellent battery life. These metrics are based on intensive mouse use and may vary based on usage.

Every product has some unavoidable shortcomings, and the Logitech MX Master is no exception. Even though the hybrid design is stylish and innovative, it takes some getting used to.

In conclusion, it might be easy to find the Vertical option, but the Logitech MX Master is still a good choice if you prefer a bulky ergonomic mouse for bigger hands.

  • Well-positioned buttons and scroll wheels
  • Ergonomic design and thumb rest
  • Not a fully vertical design
  • Expensive

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4) Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

 Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

Evoluent has steadily enhanced its signature models over the past few years, becoming a market leader. VM4R, now in its fourth generation, has the look, feel, and price of a premium mouse.

The superb ergonomics and superb build quality of this wired vertical mouse have already earned it a legendary reputation among enthusiasts. 

Evoluent’s software bundle, Evoluent Mouse Manager, lets you customize the mouse buttons and DPI settings to suit your needs. An important feature of this vertical mouse is its ergonomic vertical design, which makes it easy and comfortable to use for the whole day while browsing the web. The handshake posture offers a natural grip that relieves wrist and hand pains and lessens stress on sensitive nerves.

The front side has the traditional buttons: left/right, middle, and a scroll wheel, while the rear side has the forward/backward buttons close to the thumb. There is also a mouse sensitivity button on its thumb side.

It’s one of the few Mac-compatible vertical mice with a driver. You can reprogram and customize the mouse driver according to your needs, thus avoiding incompatibility issues common to most.

In addition, the Evoluent Vertical Wireless mouse relies on Bluetooth instead of a USB dongle. The USB-C connector is the perfect addition to laptops in these days when USB-A is disappearing.

We really like this Evoluent because it offers a wide variety of choices based on the usage. The same is true for VM4, which has a right-handed and a left-handed version. Furthermore, the mouse is available with a VM4R Wireless model for Windows users and an Evoluent VM4R Bluetooth model for Mac users. Depending on the model, the price may vary.

Although the Evoluent VM4R isn’t an all-in-one vertical mouse, it can be used with almost all laptops and PCs. For those requiring the highest ergonomics and productivity at a premium price, this is the best vertical mouse.

  • Allows on the fly DPI settings
  • Plug-and-play capability
  • Best for Mac users
  • Prone to smudging
  • Bulky and Heavy

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5) Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

ensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

Kensington’s ergonomic mouse has an angled design that supports your little finger and keeps your wrist in a handshake position. By doing so, you ensure that most of the work is done by large muscle groups, not your wrist.

You can connect up to 10 meters as soon as you plug in the nano-USB. There is one battery (1xAAA) included, and while it is not rechargeable, you have an indicator light to let you know when the battery is low. There are six buttons and a scroll wheel, and these are not customizable. However, the DPI can be adjusted to five levels to suit your needs.

  • Low battery warning
  • DPI switch
  • Auto sleep to preserve battery life
  • Not rechargeable
  • Not customizable

6) Ergonomic Mouse, LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse 

Ergonomic Mouse, LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

Lekvey Vertical Mouse has a very similar design to the Jelly Comb model, with six buttons including a DPI switch and page forward/back buttons. The DPI can easily be adjusted between three different levels, from 800 to 1600.

The mouse comes with a rechargeable battery, which can be charged using the USB cable. When the light on the side turns green, it is fully charged. The wireless USB connection is compatible with all Windows and Linux systems, but not with Macs. It is designed for the right-handed, but there is a left-handed version as well.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Compatible with all Windows and Linux systems
  • Left-handed equivalent available
  • Not compatible with MacOS

Buyer’s Guide for Vertical Mice


Similar to the broader ergonomic mouse category, it can be challenging to wade through various vertical mice. Most of them have similar price tags, look similar, and claim to be natural handshake solutions. By considering the following points, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the right vertical mouse.

1) Size and Comfort

You can’t call a mouse ergonomic if it doesn’t fit in your hand. You can customize the contours of the vertical mouse by using its removable finger rests or ridged grip, but if the mouse doesn’t fit in your hand due to its size, you will struggle with it. This is why you should start here.

Learn about your options. Consider how the mouse’s size and weight may affect your ability to use the mouse comfortably. Make sure the buttons are easily accessible by considering where they are placed. Follow these guidelines by Moir Ortho to avoid similar injuries in the future.

2) Wired vs. Wireless

In the vertical mice category, both wired and wireless mice are available. Unfortunately, most vertical mice are not gaming-oriented; instead, they are often wireless. Now it is up to you for what purpose you are buying this mouse. 

3) Performance

Next, you need to look at the performance of the vertical in the real world. I want to remind you once again that the vertical mice are not designed for high-level precision. They have average sensitivity presets, mediocre performance, and limited customization options.

This is why you should think carefully before selecting a gaming mouse, since a mouse with limited gaming features can seriously affect your gaming performance. 

4) Connectivity

A vertical mouse can be connected to your PC via wire, Bluetooth, or a USB dongle, just like a standard mouse.

For each type, there is an advantage and a disadvantage. Wired mice tend to be more responsive, faster, and require no batteries, but the cable can be a drawback.

Wireless mice are more flexible than wired mice, allowing you to move them around freely. Their responsiveness and sensitivity tend to be less than wired models, and if powered by disposable batteries, the batteries may need to be replaced every few months.

5) Power and charging.

Purchasing a mouse that uses rechargeable batteries requires you to consider whether it can be used while charging, how long it will take to fully charge, and how long it will be in use.

Power-saving modes are also available for mice with disposable batteries to extend the life of the batteries when they are not being used.

6) Sensitivity

You might like a mouse that lets you adjust the pointer’s speed if you do tasks that require speed or precision, such as gaming.

DPI (dots per inch) is used to measure mouse sensitivity. DPI settings allow the mouse cursor to be more responsive, responding to movements as small as a mouse click. Most vertical mice have a DPI switch for adjusting the sensitivity.

7) Buttons

Most vertical mice have four buttons: right, left, a scroll wheel, and forward/back. In contrast, some of the best vertical mice come with four to six extra buttons and software to customize them. Using common shortcuts is easy, including copying and pasting, which usually takes a few clicks.


People who use an improperly constructed mouse frequently complain about wrist strain, carpal tunnel, and physical pain. For this reason, you need a health-friendly, vertical mouse that makes sure that you are having a good time while using the PC.

In order to reduce wrist strain and make healthy yet mediocre gaming, vertical mice are the best choice you can make at a reasonable price.

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