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Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards in 2022

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards in 2022

Since writing is one of the most important tasks in our schedules, we believe there is nothing better than a precise, minimal, and feature-packed mechanical keyboard for the purpose. People who type a lot throughout the day may want to take the experience to the next level.

We have been testing many mechanical keyboards every now and then to find the best one for our needs. In fact, we were pretty satisfied with our existing mechanical keyboards at work until we got introduced to a more minimal version of it, which we call a low profile keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards have tanks-like shapes, and are quite bulky, which may not be to everyone’s taste. When someone is willing to pay a hefty amount of money for a premium typing experience, looks matter a lot as well. As a result, we did some research and got ourselves a bunch of low profile keyboards to test out. And guess what? You should have one of these on your desk if you wish to maintain a minimal PC setup.

We will be going over a list of low profile mechanical keyboards in this article, including low profile gaming keyboards and flat mechanical keyboards as well. Basically, no matter what kind of taste you have, there is a lot of variety available on this list, so no one would go without finding a suitable low profile keyboard for themselves.

Many people may wonder what is so special about choosing a keyboard? Any keyboard will do. Nope! There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, such as the form factor, connectivity, and even the type of key switch.

There is no need to worry since we have thoroughly reviewed all the features and pros and cons of each product on the list to give you a good sense of what the product is all about. In short, even if you are not planning to buy a new keyboard right now, you should still read this article until the end, because you might change your mind after looking at these best low profile keyboards that you can get for very reasonable and affordable prices. 

What are Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards?


Many people might be thinking about what we are discussing and what are these low profile mechanical keyboards? Standard mechanical keyboards are usually quite bulky due to their larger keycaps, larger switches, and everything else. Even though we respect the look and feel of the standard keyboards, it is totally up to personal preference.

People out there have different tastes and want a keyboard with a minimalistic design. Despite opting for a bulky keyboard, some people prefer a slimmer keyboard instead because of its simple and stylish appearance. As long as the switches were not re-designed, it was quite difficult to give a mechanical keyboard a slimmer look.

As low-profile mechanical keyboards have a smaller key travel, you can have the best experience if you pair the keyboard with the right kind of key switches. In addition, these keyboards are much quieter than a typical mechanical keyboard. If you don’t want your colleagues to be disturbed by the sound of your keyboard, a low profile keyboard will be very helpful.

In this list, you will find some of the slimmest mechanical keyboards aka low profile mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are referred to as low profile because they are slim, and because their key switches have less travel. The keys do not appear to be popping out of the keyboard too much, and they stay hidden.

They may even be considered membrane keyboards by some people. In any case, until and unless you start typing, all misconceptions will vanish because the tactile, clicky, mechanical feeling will still be there to serve you.

Reviewing the best low profile mechanical keyboards:

1) Logitech G915 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G915
View at Amazon

The Logitech G brand is well known for gaming and premium peripherals. G915 wireless keyboard is proof that the company has earned this respect. The switches on this wireless keyboard provide excellent keystrokes.

You can install GL Tactile, GL Clicky, or GL Linear keys on the keyboard, depending on your preference. You can create macros for work or fun using the five programmable G-keys on the keyboard.

Almost any device can be connected to it using the proprietary Lightspeed wireless connector, Bluetooth, or the included micro-USB cable. The keys respond instantly, so gamers can keep up with their games. It features RGB lighting, an attractive design, and a volume wheel, making it a great choice for low-profile, wireless gaming.

  • Fully charges in three hours
  • Choice between audible, tactile, and smooth key switches
  • Mushy media controls

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2) Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

View at Amazon

An all-new slim-line design fits seamlessly into a modern desktop setup. The lightweight keyboard weighs 2.75 pounds and comes with a durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminum chassis and radiant RGB lighting for extended gaming life. It has a detachable rubberized wrist and gray textured keycaps for MOBA and FPS players, so it’s perfect for League of Legends. 

There are elevated control keys above the numerical keypad, making it easier to reach with your right hand. Under the keyboard body, the X-shaped channel allows cables to be routed under your desk, giving it a cleaner appearance. The layout features the standard 104-key design with raised keys, which leaves some space between the frame and keycap. In this way, RGB lighting can be displayed in a more prominent manner, while debris that might settle underneath the keycaps can easily be removed.

This keyboard has physical buttons on the upper left side to adjust the brightness of the backlight or switch profiles. The frame is attached to the desktop by means of a braided cable terminating in two USB-A inputs. CORSAIR iCUE software offers dynamic RGB lighting control, full-system lighting synchronization, and flexible macro programming and is compatible with other CORSAIR components. This makes the keyboard an ideal low-profile mechanical gaming keyboard.

  • High-quality components
  • Key switch selection
  • Costly

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3) Redragon K614 Anivia Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K614 Anivia
View at Amazon

Redragon K614 Anivia is a blade-thin, wired mechanical keyboard. It has a 60% layout with 61 keys and secondary functions clearly printed on the key caps. The PCB is also hot-swappable (with other low-profile switches) and has RGB backlighting.

The K614 weighs just 14.8 ounces (and measures 0.7 inches in height), making it one of the lightest 60% boards on the market. This makes it extremely portable for traveling. Users who dislike the extra bulk or having to type with an external wrist rest at their desk will also benefit from this.

With its own brand of mechanical switches, the K614 keyboard achieves such a low profile. They are essentially Cherry MX clones. Similarly, the Red switches have a smooth linear feel (with no tactile bumps) and a short 1.2mm pre-travel.

Despite the plastic case, the build quality is satisfactory for the price. On some of the larger keys, the stabilizers are a bit noisy like most budget boards. In addition, the double-shot ABS keycaps are quite good and allow the RGB backlight to shine through nicely.

You can customize the RGB via the onboard backlight settings (pressing the FN key and spacebar) or with the Redragon software. Apart from configuring the 16.8M color backlight, the software can save up to three profiles and configure macros and key reassignments.

This lightweight board is perfect for gamers or travelers looking for a low profile 60% mechanical keyboard.

  • Hot-swappable
  • Beautiful backlight
  • Great value
  • USB input on left side
  • No wireless

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4) HAVIT RGB Backlit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

View at Amazon

Let’s begin the list with a quiet value for money offering from the brand Havit. Even though this brand is not one you hear about every now and then, the havit low profile mechanical keyboard still has enough power and potential to compete with any top-tier keyboard on this list, thus we are putting it first in this list.

In addition to the features, a keyboard’s build quality is also important, and Havit has done a pretty good job here.

There is enough confidence in the slim aluminum chassis, and the metallic strip around the edges makes it more premium than it costs. Featuring a superior-built chassis of a full-size keyboard form-factor, it is almost 47 cm long and will surely take up a lot of space on your desk. In addition, this keyboard comes with a detachable USB to Micro USB cable, which makes it easier for the user to carry it around.

However, the low profile of this keyboard is well maintained as the keys don’t seem to protrude too much. The Kailh Blue switches under the keycaps make all this possible. Switches have a lifespan of over 50 million clicks, which is good even for heavy users. When you buy this keyboard for gaming, it is an excellent choice since the 104 keys with N-key Rollover support allow you to click multiple keys at once.

In terms of key travel, these Kailh Blue low profile switches have a total key travel of 3mm. The actuation point is in the middle at around 1.2mm, and the switch makes a clicky sound as well, since this is a characteristic of blue switches.

The keycap height of this havit low profile mechanical keyboard is also 7mm lower than that of a standard keycap. Hence, until you press any button on the keyboard, you won’t even know it’s a mechanical keyboard. Additionally, you can lock the Windows Key to ensure a uninterrupted gaming session.

For those who enjoy colorful lighting, this mechanical keyboard offers Multiple RGB Custom Backlit Modes. Although it is compatible with platforms such as Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/Linux, Mac users will need to find another option since it does not support that OS.

  • Fully customizable RGB Backlighting
  • No Driver Installation Required
  • Superior Build Quality
  • No Palmrest included
  • No dedicated computer software to manage keyboard settings

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5) Cooler Master SK650 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master SK650
View at Amazon

The SK650 keyboard is slim and low-profile from Cooler Master. This full-size keyboard lets you choose between flat or contoured keycaps. Choose between a full-size or tenkeyless design, as well as a Gunmetal or Silver White finish. With per-key RGB lighting and side lightbars, you can make the most of the RGB lighting on your keyboard.

With its on-the-fly controls, you can adjust RGB lighting and macro keys without having to download any software. However, its easy-to-use downloadable app will give you maximum control.

Cherry MX RGB Low Profile keys provide excellent typing performance while offering extended durability. Moreover, the brushed aluminum top plate ensures rigidity and strength, giving you assurance that it will last for years. The Cooler Master SK650 will meet your needs, regardless of whether you’re a gamer or typist.

  • Rigid brushed aluminum top plate
  • Per-key RGB and side lightbars for enhanced immersion
  • Comes in either Gunmetal or Silver White
  • No dedicated media keys

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6) Cooler Master Sk-621 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master Sk-621
View at Amazon

Cooler Master SK621 mechanical keyboard is an envy of many due to its elegant, sleek, and slim design that makes it ultra-portable. The keyboard is 60% of a full-sized keyboard and wireless. When combined with the tenkeyless design, its brushed aluminum top plate has a minimalistic design that adds to its functionality. Two keycap sets are available: the flat & slightly contoured profile and the traditional profile. 

Traditional keycaps give you a familiar look and feel. Cherry MX Low Profile switches provide a shorter travel distance and an actuation point with the same precision and durability. Featuring flat keycaps and Cherry MX Low Profile switches, this low-profile keyboard provides performance without compromising on appearance.

Through the surrounding light bars and per-key backlighting, the LEDs keep the light show going. You can adjust the lighting and macros in real-time without using any software. Using the software, you can map over 26 million colors to any key, adjust lighting modes, and fine-tune macros. You can also charge the battery simultaneously over removable Type-C USB and use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect up to three devices simultaneously. You will be rocking both when you work and when you play with these features. 

  • Highly portable
  • Small and sleek
  • Supports both wired and wireless Bluetooth
  • The keys are flat
  • The Shift and Delete keys are small and placed oddly
  • Very expensive

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7) Tecware Phantom L, Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Tecware Phantom L
View at Amazon

The Tecware Phantom L is a low-profile, minimal mechanical keyboard that offers great value. It has a compact 87-key TKL layout with minimal branding and a standard bottom. Furthermore, it features hot-swappable Outemu Snap Spring switches.

Phantom L is remarkably lightweight and portable, weighing just 589 grams. The build quality is good and there is no noticeable deck flex. This is partly due to the sturdy aluminum top plate that offers a decent amount of heft and rigidity.

Snap Springs are quite different from mechanical switches. Instead of having a click jacket (or a bump on the leg), the snap springs create their own tactility. As a result, the bump is relatively mild and the springs only provide a distinct click.

Personally, we like these switches a lot. These keyboards are comfortable to type on for extended periods and have a short travel distance, which results in fast speeds and response times. Switches come in three colors: blue, brown, and red. Each requires 50-60g of force and has a 1.2mm actuation.

Finally, the software associated with the Phantom L is relatively basic, but it does a good job of being a graphical tool for configuring the keyboard. The RGB settings can alternatively be customized via the onboard FN key combination.

  • Removable USB-C cable
  • Snap spring switches
  • Great value
  • Questionable quality control
  • Non-centered USB cable

8) Alienware RGB Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Alienware Low-Profile RGB Gaming Keyboard
View at Amazon

Alienware has been making unbeatable gaming laptops for a long time now, and hard to find someone who isn’t aware of their name. Nevertheless, the gaming laptop brand has also tried to establish itself in the peripherals market.

Alienware comes out with a lot of mechanical keyboards with new tweaks every now and then, so let’s see if this one has enough features to be called the best low profile keyboard.

Alienware’s keyboard is an aggressive and stylish gaming keyboard with an aggressive and stylish look. The grey chassis of this keyboard is quite eye-catching and feels soothing at the same time. Even if you use it aggressively while gaming, ramming the keys barely, the chassis will withstand the thumps. 

Aside from that, we would give this keyboard a 10/10 for design and aesthetics.In terms of the keyboard layout, it is a full-size keyboard with all the keys supporting N-key Rollover, including the Numpad. With Cherry MX low profile Red switches, the press of the switch is quite soothing. There is no clickiness in these linear switches, and the mechanical feel is there to please you even in a quiet environment. Check out our article on the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards if you like to play in a quiet environment.

In terms of additional keys, there are no additional keys that can be set as macros, but you can use the existing ones however you prefer since Alienware lets you customize your keyboard. The AlienFX software offers several customization options. It also offers a variety of function keys for ease of use. The scroll wheel audio control feels magical to a pretty convenient thing to use than most other keyboard manufacturers should learn from Alienware.

Backlighting effects can also be completely customized with the AlienFX software, but if you are a fan of RGB, we recommend that you try out the rainbow effect. The waves will appear more pleasing to the eye since it supports 16.8 million colors per key. However, there are a lot of different lighting combinations available to choose from, and you can even create your own lighting presets.

  • Linear key-press
  • Fully Customizable RGB lighting
  • Volume Scroll Wheel
  • Software is tricky to use
  • A little expensive

9) Fnatic STREAK65 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Fnatic STREAK65
View at Amazon

Fnatic’s STREAK65 is a compact and lightweight keyboard that features 65 percent key travel. Those who frequently move around or use small desks will appreciate its compact size. It uses a removable USB-C cable, which makes it easy to store. The cable can also be replaced according to your preferences.

The keyboard can store up to four onboard profiles, letting you switch modes no matter what computer you’re using. Additionally, it has a Competition Mode, which disables unnecessary keys. You won’t get accidental key presses that can throw you off your game.

Fnatic’s OP Software can be used to remap the entire keyboard if you need more custom macros and keys. In this way, you can customize your keyboard exactly how you want it.

  • Weighs in at just 14.8oz
  • Competition Mode disables unnecessary keys
  • Connects via a removable USB-C cable
  • No other key switch option available

10) Cooler SK630 Master Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler SK630 Master Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

This Cooler Master mechanical keyboard keeps a low profile. All the signature features of Cooler Master are included, including RGB lighting and on-the-fly controls. With Cherry MX low profile switches in a tenkeyless format, this keyboard is enhanced. With the Cherry MX low profile switches and extra-flat keycaps, you’ll enjoy precision and durability with a slim and elegant look of a minimalist chiclet keyboard. 

It offers two sets of keycaps, including a slightly contoured & flat set and a traditional keycap profile for familiarity. An aluminum top plate, floating keycaps, and a minimalistic tenkeyless design show that the keyboard was built with functionality in mind. Around the light bars, LED lights provide per-key backlighting and endless customization options. You can make real-time adjustments and customizations via software with the on-the-fly controls. 

  • Durable brushed aluminum surface
  • The low profile Cherry MX switches
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable
  • Lacks indicator lights and wrist rest
  • Expensive

11) Redragon K618 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K618
View at Amazon

Redragon K618 is a full-size, wireless mechanical keyboard inspired by the Logitech G815/G915. For a fraction of the cost, it offers similar functionality. Among them are RGB backlighting, tri-mode connectivity, and dedicated media and macro keys.

The layout of the G915 is almost identical to the G915’s. Above the Numpad, there are four media keys and a scroll wheel for controlling volume/backlighting, etc. To the left are four profile keys and a macro record button. To the right are five programmable G-keys.

In addition to the four macro profile keys, each of the five G-keys can record a total of twenty macros. The MR Button can be pressed onboard or the Redragon software can be used. By holding the FN key and the numbers 1 to 5, you can switch from Bluetooth to 2.4 GHz or USB.

Low latency wireless 2.4 GHz works perfectly. While the wireless is active, the keyboard is powered by a 1900 mAh lithium battery. In spite of its small size, the battery can last approximately 20 hours (with the RGB on), which is fine if you leave it charging overnight.

The Redragon K618 matches its price in terms of build quality, unfortunately. Despite having an aluminum top plate, the board is very thin and flexes when you bend it. Additionally, the macro keys feel quite mushy when pressed.

You won’t have any problems with the rest of the keys on this device. K618 switches are low-profile mechanical Reds. The switches have a smooth feel and a quiet sound. The board comes with eight spare switches.

  • Tri-mode connectivity
  • Macro and profile keys
  • Great value
  • Mushy profile keys
  • Plastic construction

12) Redragon K552 60% Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60%
View at Amazon

If you weren’t satisfied with the previous offering from Redragon, this one will correct the things that might have been missing. Redragon K552 model with a slight twist of RGB lighting that most people already like.

All the other features are quite similar to those of the previous listing, as it is also built on a steel frame, which makes it an extremely sturdy keyboard and promises extreme durability and ruggedness.While you might be searching for a low profile keyboard, this mechanical keyboard is the most affordable option with RGB lighting. However, there are only 18 different lighting effects with five different brightness settings. Even so, it is more than enough, especially when you consider the price you will have to pay for it.

Below the keycaps are Outemu Blue switches, which are most likely equivalent to Cherry MX Blue switches. Therefore, if you like the clicky sounds and tactile feedback, this keyboard is for you. In addition, its tenkeyless design makes it quite suitable for FPS gamers. Hence, you will not have a problem packing your bag and moving from one place to another. 

Additionally, all 87 keys of this keyboard support Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover. As a result, even if you press multiple keys at the same time while gaming, the keyboard will accurately track your actions and help you play the games the way you want. The keyboard is also compatible with all the platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and limited use for macOS.

  • An ideal option for FPS gamers
  • Compact Tenkeyless Design
  • Durable Steel frame and ABS combination
  • No macro key support
  • Limited Customizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are low-profile mechanical keyboards better?

Low-profile mechanical keyboards have two main advantages: portability and ergonomics. As a result of their slim design, they are lighter and easier to slip into a backpack. The height reduction allows for a more natural, comfortable typing experience without a wrist-rest.

What is a low-profile mechanical keyboard?

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are significantly slimmer than standard mechanical keyboards. Most low-profile keyboards are designed to reduce unnecessary bulk with low-profile switches, low-profile keycaps, and a razor-thin case.

is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

Generally, yes, but it varies between users. Its better tactility and feedback make it a joy to use, especially if you spend hours on it. However, there are excellent non-mechanical keyboards as well.


This was all about low profile gaming keyboards. We have included the best deals available in the market right now on this list to make it easy for anyone to find a good low profile mechanical keyboard. Because there are several options on the list, each is quite unique and falls into a different budget category. Therefore, it should not be difficult for any of the readers to choose one from the list above.

If you ask us which of the keyboards is the best, we personally recommend that you choose any cherry MX low profile keyboard from the list since these are our favorite switches. Please leave your suggestions and queries in the comments section below. We’ll be back soon with some more interesting deals.

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