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Best Brushes, Cleaners and Cleaning Gels to Clean Keyboard, & Laptop, [2021]

Best Brushes, Cleaners and Cleaning Gels to Clean Keyboard, & Laptop, [2021]

Your PC or laptop keyboard is one of the dirtiest peripherals and requires immediate cleaning. With the onset of COVID-19 affecting every individual and industry, a gamer and a PC user must clean their keyboards on a regular basis using the best keyboard and laptop cleaner and disinfectant.

According to a University of Arizona study, everyday products could contain 400 times more bacteria than toilets. Facts and figures matter, but don’t panic. All you have to do is counter the problem. It would only take a few minutes to clean the keyboard with a good cleaner and disinfectant to remove germs.

Top 6 Best Brushes, Cleaners [2021]

1. Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaning Compound


This is the first cleaner that disinfects surfaces with ethanol and picks up dust. A large number of hairs, dust, and waste particles are effectively removed by this goo. In its gelatinous body, the goo absorbs the particles.

When used frequently, this product improves the surface’s shine, but the chances of getting infected from the electronics surfaces are greatly reduced. Additionally, the goo will last for months if it is used weekly. Only when the goo turns green should you replace it with a new one.

Cleaner cum disinfectant is a great cleaning solution for hard-to-reach areas. As a result, you can expect a healthy living environment or workplace when you use this product.

From the point of use, the Cyber Clean Home and Office cleaner can perfectly clean PC keyboard keys, mobile phones, digital cameras, and printers. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a disinfectant that can effectively clean and disinfect surfaces from harmful germs like bacteria and fungi, Cyber Clean’s goo is the best option.

2. APBFH Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit

The keyboard brush kit includes everything you need to clean the keyboard from every angle. Brushes tend to be stiff and offer better cleaning of hard, solid gunk and caked-on dust.

Brushes are designed to remove dirt from sides and corners, but not from shallow and narrow points. You cannot apply brushes to sensitive areas to prevent damage and scratches.

The narrow brushes are great for removing food particles from the keyboard since they have multiple sizes and finer points, which make it easy to remove gunk around corners. Brushes can be used for both rough and smooth surfaces, provided that the surfaces are not sensitive to scratches.

Brushes are good for cleaning car interior detailing, vents, PCBs, Xboxes, and keyboards. The brushes are perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard and monitor.

3. MECO Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard


It is impossible to clean the surface as well as the grooves of a keyboard without a MECO keyboard cleaner. With the cleaner and cleansing gel, you can keep the keyboard and other electronics accessories clean and fresh.

The cordless design of the MECO keyboard cleaner makes it more convenient to use and requires less time to clean objects. The 2000mAh battery-powered cleaning mechanism offers excellent suction of crumbs, hairs, debris, and scraps.

In general, cleaners are difficult to clean from the inside, but this is not the case with MECO cleaners. Cleaning the inside of the keyboard is as simple as twisting off the dust and removing the garbage. Cleaning the sponge filter with water is highly recommended for higher perfection. Continue cleaning the sponge with water until it is completely clean, without any debris inside.

For narrow spaces, the cleaner comes with two different-sized nozzles. By sweeping horizontally, the flat nozzle removes every little bit of waste, while the brush nozzle cleans dust and ash, leaving the keyboard clean and tidy.

This cleaner’s only downside is that it needs to be recharged frequently. Although a single charge can last for a week, continuous use weakens the battery as well as the suction power. Furthermore, the suction power is insufficient to pick up solid dirt.

4. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush


OXO’s Good grips electronic cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning electronic devices. This keyboard brush has soft silicone bristles and a slim viper blade, so it can clean every little bit of the key surface, even the inner spaces of keys and edges, which are hard to clean with normal cleaners.

It works like a pencil, and it offers the same degree of accuracy in cleaning as an artist’s pencil when drawing sketches. With its pen-like brush, you are not only able to clean with greater control, but you are also able to avoid scratching sensitive electronics.

Using the soft bristles, you can clean delicate spaces such as camera lenses and motherboard transistors that are prone to damage. While cleaning, a cap protects the soft silicone hairs from damage. Travelers can use it while traveling or store it in drawers, laptop bags, or consoles without sacrificing a lot of space like a vacuum cleaner.

As a result of its compact size and efficient cleaning process, this electric brush is a must-have for keeping things tidy. In addition, the silicone wiper makes things even more interesting by conveniently removing dirt from hard-to-reach places. With its small size, it’s easy to fit into small corners and screen edges.

This is the best portable cleaner for cleaning sensitive electronics and hard-to-reach keyboard grooves and corners.

5. Hayata Keyboard Cleaning Gel


I know you’re probably thinking, “why should I pay for an expensive cleaner when I have several options?”. You are actually right because after using the keyboard cleaning gel, you will get the same cleaning as provided by a vacuum cleaner. By using Hayata’s Cleaning gel, you can remove dirt and dust effectively.

It’s really amazing how this works on the keyboard surface. The gel effectively picks up dust particles from keyboards, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets without leaving any residue on your hands. For this reason, it is a must-have accessory for any gamer who wants to keep their system clean.

The best part of this gel is that it cleans any surface it encounters. You will be able to clean toys, fans, kitchen tools, etc. in no time at all. There is only one disadvantage of this gel, which is its inability to clean from inside the accessories, especially if you are going to use this gel to clean things like a motherboard.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before using this cleaning. Apply the gel to the surface you wish to clean by kneading it. Press the gel down for a few minutes after it has been applied evenly. When you lift the gel, you will see that the surface is clean. Continue until all dirt, oil spots, hairs, and other particles have been removed from the surface.

Gel is portable and reusable. It can be used for travel to keep things clean and then reused 2-3 times until the gel becomes dark and non-sticky. Cleans better than a cleaning brush and makes things easier without irritating the skin.

Overall, Hayata cleaning gel is the best cleaner for cleaning outside and in narrow spaces where a brush cannot get to. This gel is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, not to mention that it can be used over ten times per package.

6. Vastitude Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner


Vastitude Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner is the most effective keyboard cleaner, which not only cleans your keyboard and mouse, but also cleans digital products such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Once you are finished cleaning, you will not find any stains, spills, or dust particles.

The mini vacuum cleaner is powered by USB. It can be conveniently connected to the USB port and used for cleaning keyboards, laptops, gaming monitors, or gaming PCs. This cleaner consumes negligible energy making it eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

A USB vacuum cleaner’s impeccable performance and ease of use make it worth purchasing. Alternatively, a 5V power supply can be used. In conclusion, this is the most efficient dust cleaner that can be used on printers, mobile phones, keyboards, monitors, and laptops.

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