Best Gaming PC Under $500 in 2021

When we want to relax or simply have fun during our free time, we all love gaming. You need to get yourself the best gaming PC in order to achieve this effectively.

It is for this reason that so many people today take the time to find the best gaming PC. Building a gaming rig is always expensive. This is why we have compiled a list of the best gaming PCs under $500 for those on a budget.

Check out the list to find the best gaming PC if you want to spend less.

Top 5 Best Gaming PC Under $500 In 2021 

1. Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA882 Gaming Desktop

Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA882 Gaming Desktop

For gaming, you do not always have to spend a lot on your desktop PC. As an example of a budget model that can meet your needs for having the best gaming experience, this model is an excellent choice. If you are looking for the best model, you can definitely rely on this one. When it comes from a top brand, you can expect the best performance. Furthermore, it comes with all the necessary hardware for you to get started.

The processor is the first thing you need when it comes to the overall functionality of the model. This model comes with an AMD-4300 quad core processor with a 3.8GHz clock speed. For various games, this should be sufficient. You can also turbo boost it to 4.0 GHz when necessary. For your gaming experience, you will enjoy the kind of performance you get from the model.

The model also comes with a good graphics card with 2GB of integrated memory. The AMD R7 240 graphics card should be able to deliver enough performance to make the model even better. You will definitely enjoy gaming on this model. Most entry level gamers will find the model to be great on the whole.

The model comes with a total storage space of 1TB. Performance-wise, this is definitely something that can deliver. The model will work well when it comes to access speed as well, so you’ll be excited.

  • Potential for future hardware upgrades
  • Complete package with mouse and keyboard
  • Good looking case
  • No wireless adapter

2. Alienware Steam Machine Desktop Console

Alienware Steam Machine Desktop Console

When it comes to gaming, this is one of the best models. It has one of the best designs that makes it stand out. Starting today, you’ll always have a great time with the model. Pick it if you want something unique and also performs well. With the model, you can play various games that you might have in mind.

It is powered by steam, which is the best part. Millions of people use this system when it comes to gaming. You will definitely enjoy using this model as it is optimized for gamers. You’ll also appreciate the dual trackpads you get. When compared to using keyboards, this is even better for gaming. The trackpads feel solid in the hand at all times thanks to the back grip buttons.

Additionally, the model is fully loaded and ready to play. It comes with an Intel Quad Core i7-4785T 2.2GHz processor. Even though it’s an older processor, it will deliver some good performance when it comes to gaming. Additionally, the desktop console comes with 8 GB DDR3L memory.

This model offers an impressive 1 TB of storage, so it is always possible to store a lot more. All of your favorite games can be easily accessed and stored. As a result, more people will feel comfortable using the model.

  • Innovative controller
  • Compact and quiet design
  • Efficient user interface
  • Limited selection of AAA games

3. Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop

Lenovo X315 Gaming Desktop

Lenovo has made the best PCs for a long time now. If you look at some of the best gaming desktops, Lenovo is always present. As advertised, this model is just as good. Gaming on a budget is possible with this device. First of all, the model stands out for its jaw-dropping style. It will provide some good features that will make it worth using today.

Due to the design, it evokes a futuristic warrior armor look. This is due to the front lighting and the one-touch cover door. Easy access to the cover makes it perfect for upgrading various components when it comes to various applications. You will also appreciate the hidden front air vents that complement the design perfectly so that the system can be properly cooled.

The model also comes with the impressive Windows 10 operating system. It does mean that you will end up with a model that works great just as you want it to. Because it has many similarities to Windows 7, you will definitely feel like an expert when using it. Additionally, you will appreciate the ample storage and memory you have.

It comes with an impressive gaming sound. Immerse yourself in the 7.1 channel surround sound. You can be sure that it will deliver some good audio that will work for you. You won’t have to deal with sound distortions when gaming.

  • Impressive sound
  • Great 3D performance
  • Good price
  • Expandable
  • Multimedia performance is slow

4. HP Pavilion Desktop Computer 570-p010

HP Pavilion Desktop Computer 570-p010

When it comes to performance features, HP needs no introduction. The performance of this model should make for an enjoyable gaming experience. You will have a great time when you start using the model today. The best part is that the model is affordable. It’s no doubt you’ll have a great time using it today.

Its stylish and compact nature should also drive more people to pick it. The compact design allows it to save space when it comes to setting it up on your desktop. The Intel 7th generation processor makes it ideal for gaming. With a clock speed of up to 3.9 GHz, this is a powerful multitasking desktop to buy today. You can even use it for 4K video.

Memory should also be a top feature. It comes with 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM memory. Your gaming will be more efficient with this amount of RAM. You can use it not only for gaming, but for other applications as well. The model comes with a 1 TB hard drive, making it one of the best available. Today will be a great day for you.

As part of the hardware accessories, the model includes a keyboard and mouse. As a result, you won’t have to purchase them separately. All you need to do once you receive the package is set it up.

  • Comes with keyboard and mouse
  • Affordable
  • Impressive processor
  • Graphics card could be better

5. Cybertron PC Rhodium 240 Gaming Desktop

Cybertron PC Rhodium 240 Gaming Desktop

Simply by looking at the design of the model, it is evident that it is one of the best. It has a mean look that is all about gaming. Any gamer will be interested in seeing how the new model works when it launches today. This is yet another reason for you to purchase this model right now. With a top brand, you’re also assured of getting a high-performance model.

You will also appreciate the fact that the model comes with an AMD FX 4300 processor. 3.8GHz is an impressive clock speed for a quad-core processor. Best of all, you can boost it up to 4.0GHz today. The owners of this model will always have a good time owning it right now. Gaming fans will be able to take on a variety of games with this kind of processing power.

AMD Radeon R7 240 with 2GB integrated memory is still included. With this kind of memory, it makes it easier to render high-quality images quickly for the videos and gameplay. When it comes to gaming, you can be sure that you have a model that delivers great images and works great.

Additionally, you’ll like the fact that it comes with a genuine Windows 10 operating system. When it comes to gaming, this kind of operating system delivers the best results. Many people would want to use it for this reason.

  • Ease of setting up
  • Great processor
  • Comes with Windows 10
  • None for the price

Best Gaming PC Under $500 Buying Guide



You will definitely have to look at the graphics card that comes with the model. You can use the graphics card for a variety of applications with a good graphics card. For games and other high-intensity applications, the best graphics cards are essential. It is more reason you can get the various models on the market right now offering the best graphics cards to boost your gaming experience.

Processing power

Another important feature to consider is the processing power. If you choose a model with low processing power, then you might not have an enjoyable gaming experience. It is also important to consider the age and performance of the various processors. It is possible that some models come with old processors that cannot handle gaming well. Your gaming experience will be enhanced if you choose the right processor.


Most people only look at the graphics card and the processing power and ignore the memory. You should also check it out since it affects your PC’s performance. Gaming requires at least 2GB of RAM. It is always better if it is at least 4GB. As a result, you can enjoy your games more when you have a good gaming experience.

Operating system

Some models come with Windows or Steam operating systems, depending on the manufacturer. Both of these platforms are known for supporting a wide range of games. Consider the compatibility of the games you have before deciding which operating system to use.


The various models on this list are budget models, so you can’t expect them to have sophisticated cooling systems. Having said that, it is still crucial that you choose the best model when it comes to cooling. With the right cooling, the model will work even longer.

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The various models mentioned in this guide aim to provide you with the best performance. Owning a top-performing PC is something you would always want. You may want to consider getting one for yourself right now if you haven’t already. You can enjoy the overall use of the PCs for gaming and other applications by having the models deliver on some good performance.

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